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The Johannesburg chapter of ROSA is the oldest and largest. We meet approximately every second month.


You know what they say about dynamite? The Pretoria chapter might be our smallest, but it packs a punch. This chapter meets regularly and actively encourages member participation.

Cape Town

Regular get-togethers alternate between the southern peninsula and the Somerset West / Stellenbosch area.


If you'd like to meet with other writers in the area, contact the Chapter Organiser.

Garden Route

​Our newest, and currently smallest, chapter, was created in 2019 and is based in the George area.

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Guidelines for ROSA Chapter Leaders:

Only registered members of ROSA who are in good standing may lead ROSA chapters.


Chapter leader duties include:

  1. Maintain a contact list / mailing list of all interested writers in your region.

  2. Arrange regular meetings (we recommend at least 4 per year) and send out notices to all on your contact list in advance of these meetings.

  3. Add the event on the members’ only Facebook group Events page

  4. Send info on the events to to be included in ROSA newsletters.

  5. Balance social events with events that encourage writers to seriously pursue their writing, in line with ROSA’s goal of professional development.

  6. Encourage sharing of learning and information between members, also in line with ROSA’s guideline of professional development.

  7. Encourage membership by offering special benefits / discounts to ROSA members. Liaise with Membership Administrator if in doubt.

  8. Ensure that at least some events during the year are affordable for those on lower incomes, to prevent the organisation being seen as exclusive and unwelcoming.

  9. Celebrate publications and milestones of writers within the group.

  10. Encourage members to submit blog posts and articles to ROSA blog and newsletter, and encourage social media sharing of events / photos.

  11. Send quarterly feedback on your chapter to Romy for newsletters.

  12. Manage differences of opinion within the group without (hopefully) alienating or marginalising anyone. ROSA is tolerant of all writers at all stages in their career, whether published or unpublished, traditionally published or self-published. While we know it’s impossible, try to ‘be all things to all people’!

  13. Report possible Code of Conduct issues within your chapter to the ROSA Ethics Committee on

If you have any queries, please contact