ROSA's Code of Conduct



This Code of Conduct serves as a code of professional conduct for all ROSA members. The purpose of this Code is to encourage members to exhibit integrity, honesty, and other good professional practices, in a way that reflects the values of the organisation.

The principles of this Code of Conduct are a broad framework to guide our members’ decision making, but do not dictate member conduct or represent all situations. 

Code of Conduct


We encourage our members to:

  • demonstrate honesty and integrity in all professional dealings.

  • strive for excellence in the profession of romance writing.

  • act in a way that does not bring ROSA or any of its members into disrepute.

  • avoid making false or misleading statements about ROSA where such statements are injurious to the organisation, its reputation, or its purposes.

  • avoid any conduct which may be injurious to ROSA, its purposes, or its members.

  • show proper regard for ROSA’s property, for confidential information, and for the privacy of ROSA’s members.

  • avoid intentional misrepresentation of ROSA membership credentials, either within the organisation or to the public.

  • write their own original works, and not pass off the work of third parties as their own.

  • support authorial and intellectual property rights, and refrain from plagiarism and copyright and/or intellectual property infringement.

  • show respect to all fellow members, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

  • respect differences in opinions and ideas.

  • act in the interests of ROSA when performing any duties or obligations on behalf of the organisation, and avoid any conflict of interest.

  • disclose any conflicts of interest, including but not limited to, recommending author services on any of the organisation’s platforms or to its members without disclosing commissions or finder’s fees that have been offered by the provider of said services in exchange for finding future business.

  • observe and adhere to ROSA’s Constitution, policies and any other rules that may from time to time be announced.

Disciplinary Action


A ROSA member may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to revocation of membership, permanent expulsion from the organisation, or a ban from attending ROSA events or entering ROSA contests, if the actions of such member are determined by the Executive Committee to constitute one or more of the following:


  1. Unauthorized use of ROSA property, including but not limited to funds or money, the organisation’s name, logo, copyrighted information, or membership information.

  2. Intentional copying or plagiarism of the written works of others (including but not limited to books, articles and/or manuscripts) with an intention to claim such work(s) as the member’s.

  3. Unauthorized use of the intellectual property of others, including but not limited to use of images, or another member’s name, logo, trademarks or service marks, and/or copyrighted information.

  4. Intentionally engaging in conduct with the intent of harming a member’s career, reputation, or wellbeing. Specifically excluded from this section are true statements, personal disagreements, and honest discussions of books, social media posts, or marketing materials.

  5. Intentionally making another member's personal, private identifying information public with the intent of harming the other member’s career, reputation, or wellbeing, and the public broadcast of another member’s private or sensitive information without explicit consent.

  6. Harassment of other ROSA members in any form, via social media, online or in person, or of any non-members at any ROSA event. Harassment is defined as (i) offensive comments related to race, colour, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, or religion, (ii) inappropriate physical contact, and (iii) unwelcome sexual attention.


Before any disciplinary action is taken, the member will be given a chance to respond. All ROSA members have the right to be heard.