ROSA Anthologies

ROSA has produced three anthologies during 2021, each with their own theme: Steamy, LGBTQ, and Sweet romance stories. These anthologies are the first with a variety of both published and unpublished ROSA members and are available for a limited time frame only.

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ROSA Sweet Songs of Summer Anthology (May 2021)

Sweet Songs of Summer.jpeg

On the 20th of May 2021, ROSA released its third themed anthology. Sweet Songs of Summer is a collection of nine sweet romantic short stories, written by a few of our talented members - both published and unpublished.

The anthology has been released in ebook format only and is exclusively available through Amazon. It is a limited-time offer and will be removed from Amazon on the 20th of August 2021. Get your copy while you can.

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Is This Love? – Alissa Baxter

Jennifer Madison welcomes her cousin’s invitation to recuperate at his polo estate in Johannesburg after a car accident leaves her with both a broken leg and an even more damaged heart. Jennifer is in no state to contemplate a romantic involvement with anyone. But her cousin’s half-brother, Ivan, is determined to breach her defences and somehow he makes her start to feel things again. Will Jennifer risk falling in love again or will she remain watching from the sidelines?

Chances – Francine Beaton

Best friends shouldn’t look like Lia Moorcroft, nor should they make you feel things like she does. Jesse Summers realized it the moment the girl he knew, since she was in diapers, crashed into him after disappearing for eight long years. He needed a little time to get used to the new Lia. It isn’t too much to ask, or is it?

Things never turn out the way you imagine them to. Soon, Jesse and Lia find out that Lia will be Jesse’s new intern. Both treasure their friendship and will do anything to protect it, even burying their growing feelings.

But how long can they do that?

Time Waits for Nora - Lara Van Lelyveld

Nora Marsak regrets ever agreeing to stand in for her friend at the antique store specialising in porcelain figurines. With a deadline looming, she had assumed that the small shop would be an ideal space to complete the illustrations for her publisher. How wrong she was. Each of her seven days in the store brings a new challenge, usually in the shape of David Lithgow, the shop owner across the corridor. His shop of timepieces is the worst part of Nora’s days, but not for long. Nora can’t quite put her finger on why she finds it so difficult to stay cross with David. The end of the week is coming - along with her deadline and her plans to travel to India. But is she going to get on that flight? 

A Taste Of Romance - Lorna Kelly

Hoping to heal after her shattered engagement, Olivia reluctantly takes on a new photographic assignment. Food shoots are her favorite, after all. She doesn’t realize the heat she’ll experience in the kitchen of Devin, her equally hot and very tasty client.

I Fell In Love With A Girl – PG Barker

Robyn Atkins’ growing affection for movie maker Graeme Fletcher is tempered by rumours in the media that he is involved with a famous actress. Oblivious to his much publicised jilting at the wedding to his ex, can Robyn turn this relationship to this striking but enigmatic figure into what she desires?

The Pool Guy - Melissa A Volker

Spa Manager Lauren runs a professional space, so when Wyatt, the pool cleaner, brings down the tone with his languorous manner and sketchy dress code, she loses her cool. Instead of being intimidated, Wyatt is captivated, and tries to chip through the hair gel and makeup to find the real Lauren inside. However, Wyatt doesn’t reveal too much of himself. So when Lauren finds out who he really is, the pool guy realises he is in for the ‘swim’ of his life.

Second Fiddle – Meg Chronis

Intern Sophie James is one weekend and one glamorous safari wedding in the South African bush away from becoming a permanent member of the Star Weddings team. All she needs to do is not mess up.

But booking a wedding string quartet that turns up minus a first violinist would definitely count as messing up. A problem which could easily be solved, since Sophie knows her way around a violin. Except a long time ago, she packed away her instrument for a very good reason, and no way is she going to step in now, not even if it means the end of her fledgling career.

So it’s a good thing she finds herself in the right place at the right time to rescue the delectable—and heaven-sent—violinist Nate Holt from a baboon that’s holding him captive in his shower, giving her all the leverage she needs to twist his talented arm to play for the quartet.

Which should be problem solved for Sophie, if life wasn’t so determined to force her to confront what happened all those years ago. Once she finds out who Nate really is, will she be able to put aside past failures and future fears, to take hold of a present she didn’t even know she wanted?

Every Moment -  Kathy Bosman

Recently unemployed, Carla takes up her friend Milly’s offer to house-sit her beach house and look after her dog Katie. Milly assures her that the guy staying there already has a girlfriend and won’t mess with Carla’s tender heart. Carla has come out of another toxic romantic relationship and doesn’t want her heart broken again.

Brit Craig is busy shooting for the lead role in a movie, and he’s not in the mood for having a strange woman in the beach house at such a busy time. But almost as soon as Carla arrives, he’s shocked at his intense attraction to her. Carla finds herself warming up to Craig’s easy and friendly manner way faster than she’d ever have anticipated. And, well, his girlfriend is just a relationship of convenience. But she doesn’t recognise that he’s a Hollywood celebrity.

Is a non-celeb from another country worth Craig risking his reputation and precious time? Carla fears the worst about relationships. Is it even safe to risk an affair with the cute, mysterious friend of a friend?

State Of The Heart – Tlalane Manciya

Dineo decides to make a fresh start and moves to Cape Town after a life-changing incident that almost destroyed her life. Emotionally unavailable and not interested in dating, she puts all her time into her career as a pediatrician. The move was exactly what she needed as her life begins to get back on track. Until one day when she comes home from work to find a little girl sitting by herself crying on the stairs of her apartment complex. Her effort to reunite the girl with her family lands Bongani on her doorstep.

Bongani is a brokenhearted and emotionally scarred man who has dedicated his life to raising his little girl Zara after her mom walked out on them. His heart can't allow him to get close to any woman, including the beautiful woman who rescued his little girl. Avoiding her isn't easy, especially when she is developing a friendship with Zara.

Dineo and Bongani soon discover that no matter how far you run from your past, it always has a way of landing on your doorstep. Will they be able to mend each other's hearts and love again? Or will the ghosts of their past keep them apart?

ROSA Summer Singles Steamy Anthology (March 2021)

Summer Singles_eBookCover.jpg

On the 18th of March 2021, ROSA released its first themed anthology. Summer Singles is a collection of nine steamy romantic short stories, written by a few of our talented members - both published and unpublished.

The anthology has been released in ebook format only and is exclusively available through Amazon. It is a limited-time offer and will be removed from Amazon on the 18th of June 2021. Get your copy while you can.


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An Affair - Sophia Karlson

An Affair...she would do anything to save her marriage.

My Girl - Dorothy Ewels

Gabriel Stone’s answer to all life’s problems is to run, to avoid facing it head on. When a serious accident threatens to end his career as a drummer, his life is thrown into turmoil.


Sister to the band’s manager, and lifetime friend, Sheridan Daniels opens her home to Gabriel as a place to recover and hide from the world. A safe space to heal, and make difficult decisions.


But Gabriel’s teetering on the edge. Can Sheridan pull him back or will all be lost?

Mistress Unchained - Amanda Holly

Mistress Crystal wants to know what it would be like to truly submit to a Master, and Sheikh Khalid is just the man for the experiment. Can twenty-four hours lead to a lifetime switch? 


As her body bends to his will, can her heart remain intact?

Kiss Me Like You Mean It - Stella Blanche

The only thing Scarlett wanted to do was enjoy her favourite band at the LA Summer Rock Festival. She didn't want to think about her cheating ex-boyfriend and she definitely didn't want to run into him and his new bimbo. So when one sexy-as-sin stranger gives her the best opportunity ever to get back at her ex, she grabs it with both hands. She did not expect to have so much fun with Ryder but for once in her life she could take a walk on the wild side and throw her inhibitions away. It was only one night - what's the worst that could happen?

One and Only - Georgia Lyn Hunter

My workaholic lifestyle consumes me. Nothing can rid me of the dark abyss pulling me deeper into it. Then work takes me across the Atlantic to the sultry climate of South Africa, and I come face to face with the only woman I regret letting go, the gorgeous Lainey Jain. But she’s determined to keep me at arm’s length.

However, Fate’s given me another chance to put right my wrongs, and I damn-well will do what I must to have her back in my life.

         ~ Tanner

The Wall - Pippa Lux

It’s been three years of torture yearning for my best friend’s dad—Anthony Miller, aka The Wall. I can’t get over him no matter what I do, and I can’t pursue anything because I’ll lose Kate.


When my mom gives birth to my little brother all the way in South Africa, it’s my chance to get away and reset my body and brain. And I think it works, until I lay eyes on him again and discover nothing’s changed.

Well, that’s not accurate. Something’s definitely changed.

Anthony is all growly and possessive and upset about the year I spent away from him. Does he want me too? And if so, what about Kate? Can we take the risk?

Hungry Eyes - Pravina Maharaj

After losing a bet with her best friend, Anika Mishra takes up the challenge of entering Durban’s sizzling, new BDSM club Deviant Desires, disguised as a dominatrix. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger in a BDSM dungeon spirals into an erotic experience that has Anika craving sensual delights she never imagined existed...


Business tycoon Jonathan Delmont is shocked to discover his younger brother is the owner of Deviant Desires. With their family reputation at stake and a major business deal hanging in the balance, Jonathan has no choice but to visit the club to talk some sense into his misguided sibling. But he doesn’t anticipate meeting a sultry dominatrix in a dungeon. The mysterious beauty has him chained and captivated.

Jonathan and Anika can’t deny their insatiable desire for each other. But dark family secrets and a shocking betrayal stand between them and the passionate love of a lifetime…

Player Mistaken - Sevannah Storm

Camila Evans’s life is hell, made so by the office playboy, and his tormenting ways. When they are thrust together to work on an event, she struggles to maintain her distance, even as the truth comes to light that he isn’t the player she painted him to be.


Zack’s been in love with the office spinster for two long, achingly painful years. When circumstances lead to a mini-seduction in the ladies’ bathroom, his hope is renewed. He will pursue Camila at all costs. He already lost his heart, what else could he lose?

Windsong - Andie Patrick

Winemaker Annamarie Badenhorst is devastated. Windsong, the wine estate which had been in her family for generations is to be sold to pay off her late father’s debts. Felix Pritchard, the new owner, moves in. He is attracted to Annamarie, and allows her to stay on as his winemaker. But Annamarie hates him at first sight. She sees him as the Villain who stole her inheritance, and repels his overtures.

She worries about the future of the employees who have been faithful to her through the bad times, and pleads with Felix to keep them on. Felix has fallen in love with her, but she continues to cross swords with him, and he cannot overcome her antipathy.  If he cannot win her by fair means: he will do so by foul. She has to make a choice.

ROSA Wedding Season Anthology (July 2019)

book cover, rosa anthology, wedding season

On 18 July 2019 (Mandela Day in South Africa), ROSA released its first anthology of romantic short stories, all themed around weddings, written by ten of our published members.

The proceeds of this anthology will go to ROSA's scholarship fund and the Athol Williams Read to Rise literacy charity.

The anthology will release exclusively through Amazon on Thursday, 18 July 2019 (Nelson Mandela Day) and will be available in print from September 2019 through Lapa Uitgewers.


The Fire Inside - Romy Sommer

Firefighter Sam Redfern is quite happy being ‘just one of the boys’. Until TV talent scout and celebrity, Ryan Morgan, shows up for a wedding in her sleepy Lake District village, making her feel very much like a woman—a woman with needs.

A Love Lost - Alissa Baxter

Cruel circumstances separated young sweethearts, Jane and Miles. Now, a decade later, they unexpectedly meet again, and the devastating memories come rushing back. Will they rediscover their lost love, or will the bridge back to one another be impossible to traverse?

Picture Perfect - Sophia Karlson

Professional photographer, Hayley, has a lot on her plate at a celebrity wedding, so having one of the groomsmen mess with her focus is really the last thing she needs…or is it?

Priest - Suzanne Jefferies

Billy Jorge has to face his demons before they destroy him. He’s set to marry Max, the woman of his dreams, but his past still haunts him. How can he renounce one promise to make another? 

Promises of Forever - Natasha Anders

June and Lincoln Taylor’s marriage is buckling—June wants a divorce and Linc wants another chance. Will the magic of her sister’s wedding pave the way for a fresh start? Or is it the beginning of the end for them?

Under the Highland Sky - Tanya Wilde

Spirited, beautiful and entirely convinced she is being dangled on a string, Dianna O’Donnell arrives at Murray Castle for one purpose and one alone—to break off her engagement with Alasdair Murray, rude, imperious, and the fourth Duke of Castleworth. But things are seldom what they seem and rarely ever do they go according to plan. Will her resolve stay steadfast? Or will this Scottish lass fall for the rugged Highlander all over again?

Houdini's Hack - Sharonlee Holder

Melissa St. John has her life together and a job she loves managing the new branch of her family bakery. Until a pockmarked Pitbull with one ear and half a tail destroys her frosted bachelorette cupcake delivery—and brings Wade ‘Hack’ Laubscher back into her life, offering them both a second chance.

Melisende and the Star Warrior - Marie Dry

In medieval France, Melisende, a noble woman, is kidnapped from her wedding by a strange being who claims to be a warrior from the stars. But after this sexy warrior shows her wondrous things like computers and synthesisers, Melisende’s not so sure she wants to escape her alien captor.

Cut The Cake - Ashleigh Giannoccaro

A short story from the world of Ashleigh Giannoccaro's Cut & Blow mafia romance series.

Occupied! - Jo Watson

There are a few things you need to know about Amantha: 1. She hates weddings. 2. She never wears dresses and 3-5. She hates Jack Emory. Unfortunately for her, she now finds herself locked in a bathroom with him at her sister’s wedding, all thanks to that stupid dress she was forced to wear.