Mentor for the 6th Annual Strelitzia Competition

What will be expected of our 2022 mentors?

* One initial brain-storming chat about the entry in March
* Assist your mentee with goal-setting and establishing deadlines / targets
* Editorial feedback on the synopsis / story outline / character arcs
* Online or telephonic support as per your own preference (to be limited to one hour per month)
* Regularly check in with your mentee to ensure they are achieving their targets
* Please note that in 2022 mentors will NOT be expected to provide editorial feedback on their mentee's chapters
* A WhatsApp group for mentors will be created so that mentors can ask for feedback, share advice etc.

Please supply a profile picture for use on the ROSA website
Which languages are you prepared to mentor in?
Please advise which genre(s) you write in or would prefer to advise on.

Thanks for applying to mentor our Strelitzia 2022 entrants! We'll get back to you soon.